Who doesn't love trying new products, I love facial masks and skin products,I love testing out skincare, always on the look out! Especially when traveling, your skin is put through a lot with different climate changes, sun, dust etc, I am pro when it comes to using natural products made at home. but we all have outbreaks and trying to fight aging, fine lines, sun spots, the list goes on and on! Here are a few products I love and take with me when I travel !

Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Treatment
I wanted to give pantene a go after not using it for years, I thought I would try the 3 minute miracle treatment which apparently repairs three months hair damage in three minutes, too good to be true I say! so I put it to the test. I have curly hair, so any extra conditioning is great for my hair. I leave this product for 5 minutes in the shower and when I rinse it off my hair is so smooth and silky. It does moisturize and tame curly hair like mine and makes it more managable when I have a blow dry which is a good thing, but thats basically it, smooths out the hair and conditions the ends. So works just like a conditioner didnt see how different this product is from a regular conditioner, I was hoping for a ¨Miracle¨, there are three small tubes and you are meant to do this with in 9 days as stated on the box, but not sure what difference it makes in using the tubes for 9 days or less,  if your hair is bleached then it wont do much, same goes for dyed hair, (I use amonia free hair dye) so if your hair is natural and not dyed it might work best for you. Another thing I noticed is the product is quite rich in texture, you will have to rinse your hair very well after. Overall not really a fan, probably wont purchase it again. Didn´t see much difference and did not work for me, sorry Pantene it´s a no for me. 

¨Facials are workouts for your skin¨
Probably the most popular skincare product out now, Australin made, I am in love with everything, more like obsessed with their products.

Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Masque

I use this twice a week, leave it on for 15- 20 minutes, I love this masque and hw it makes my face feel, chamomile, tea leaf and primrose oil really suits my skin, I use this masque when I feel like Im tired and need a long bath, it gives my face quite a glow after, its also one of my favorite masques to take with me when I travel. Totally in love with all the Aesop Masques, but this ones my favorite.

Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque

Suitable for oily, normal combination skin, it has a smooth texture, its clay based, works very well with dark spots (after a few times) I like that it leaves my face feeling fresh the whole day, especially on weekends, Aesop never disappoints, I want to get the Damascan rose treatment facial as well as the Parsley seed hydrating facial which everyone keeps raving about.

These two masques are perfect for when Im on the go, after being out all day or on the beach these masques are great ! Love love love Aesop!
Alya Skin Detox Mask

The very long journey with my skin has ben ongoing for quite sometime, Ive had sever breakouts since I moved to Australia, I have been trying masks and creams for a very long time nothing has really been great for my skin. I recently saw a few people raving about Alya skin detox mask on social media, and thought to myself, is there really such a wonderful mask like this ? I always try new face masks, creams etc, the ones I love you´ll hear me rave about because I believe in great products, and I want to give my honest opinion when I review products. Now most of you who have been following me have seen that I have been doing chemical peels but lets be realistic, it´s expensive and as much as I love how my skin feels after a few weeks I need something to help me in the comfort of my own home. I ordered the Alya face mask, I got two (I need to stock up) now I wish I ordered more, this always happens! the verdict? I absolutely love this mask, It applies on very smoothly, it has a lovely rose scent but not overpowering, I applied the mask and waited ten minutes then washed it off, I suffer from a lot of redness around my jaw line and acne scars, immediately I saw that it had brightened my skin, my pores had tightened and it left my skin glowing, my chin area which has pigmentation had lightened up which was great, I waited half an hour later and inspected my skin (surely you all do this after trying a new product no?) 
my skin still felt and looked great, less oily the redness reduced and the pores shrunk, so this product lives up to the hype. its a Melbourne based company so I definitely love that its Aussie made, and the masks ingredients include kaolin clay, aloe vera pomegranate and witch hazel, its vegan too! kaolin clay removes the toxins and pollutants and helps skin regenerate, so anyone with skin irritations like eczema and acne and redness I highly recommend this product. I purchased the masks on I love it and can´t wait to show you the progress each week (see below) the difference two applications made ! I´m happy that Alya skin care is going to be part of my Saturday skin ritual! 

       Before            After The First Mask       Second Mask                                  

Clear Skincare Perth 

I love a good skin peel, Ive been doing peels for a few years now, some dont like how peels make your skin red, and flaky, but it sure has helped me with my acne issues over the years. 

I went to Clear skincare in Perth with my friend Ambica, she had booked me for a peel as I was suffering from acne, pigmentation and breakouts over the past few weeks, probably due to stress, hormone imbalance, change of weather etc, so this session came at the right time. 

Why chemical peels? peeling the skin is basically removing dead skin cells from the surface, helping new skin cells to regenerate, I love peels, it does improve the texture , pigmentation and scarring from acne. I loved the clinic, just a 5 minute drive from my house (cockburn in Gateways). The consultant checked my skin asked me a few questions before the treatment to understand the reason behind my breakout, I use retinoid cream as well so it was important for me to mention that to her prior to the peel session. 

The session wasn't long, quick and efficient, i felt my skin tingling when she applied the peel mask on, you immediately feel your skin tightening. The lovely consultant, put me on a peel plan for the next few weeks as my acne is quite severe at the moment(See below) and I am very self conscious about how I look. 

The peel I had done is the Salicylic Acid Peel, which is for whiteheads & Blackheads and breakouts, made from plant and bark, it dissolves into the skin, removes oils and impurities on the surface, it also removes blackhead and whitehead plugs, so If you do suffer from these you will need to do this peel.  Fading marks as well as scarring and you will notice the difference after a few sessions. 

I will post a before and after  as well just to show you the difference a peel does. Check the before and afters as well on their page as there are quite a few other peels for specific skin issues you may have. Also check out the offers they have at the moment !I also bought two products to use during my treatment, The B3 Niacinamide Serum, (vitamin b3 serum ) it boosts the immunity of your skin, helps in repair skin cells improves redness and blotchiness regulates oil flow, helps with hyper pigmentation and minimizes lines and wrinkles ( you all need B3 serum in your beauty regime!) and the 2% Salicylic Toner, is a gentle peel for acne, gives you a fresh feeling breaks the acne cycle, helps fade the scars too! I also got a lash serum / Liner for free! love it!
Here are the Before and After Shots

          Before                                                           1 week After

Loved my session, the staff are amazing and efficient and I cant wait for my next appointment!

Who hates Grey hair as much as I do! Everyone! it´s just a reminder that youre getting older...right? I´ve been using a french amonia free hair dye for a few years now and loved how it left my hair so soft and shiny. Since we moved to Perth, I couldnt find it anywhere, I tried a product by Swartzkopf and hated it, it ruined my hair I had to get it trimmed (I have been growing my hair for a year so you can imagine how upset I was), then I found out about Garnier´s new ammonia free hair dye and read the reviews online, I was really scared about trying another product, but the reviews seemed promising its ammonia free and its powered by oil. I got the light Brown (5.3) shade, the colors are exactly as described on the side of the box, I loved the texture and how it left my hair soft, In previous reviews lots of women claimed it made their hair softer, shinier and improved their hair, too good to be true? it actually did improve my hair it´s softer, more manageable and the color is just great,  it´s been two weeks since Ive used it, the grey coverage lasts, unlike other products I've used. The packaging is great the color cream, developer cream and after color cream are in their own tubes, the mixing bottle/applicator is in a cute tear drop shape, and the box itself has a cut out part so that you can put your dye bottle in so you do not make a mess on your bathroom counter, I loved that!

 Olia has great coverage. I love it so much the color looks amazing even after a few washes, my hair has improved a lot, I cant recommend it enough, an amazing product, does not damage your hair as no amonia, color lasts, full grey coverage, what more could you ask for? I will try the darker shade (Brown) as it does get lighter in the sun and at the beach. Olia has owned up to the hype!  Hope you love it as much as I do! 

LÓreal Pure Clay Masks

The new masks by Lóreal, so are they a hit? or a miss? I didn't like them I got them as a gift from a friend ( I don't like Lóreal products to be honest) but I gave them a go, the charcoal mask doesnt do much, it dries out really fast, but thats pretty much all it does, once I put it on it felt a bit weird, it tingled and then dried out, it also felt a bit warm, Odd? I didn't like that, I removed the mask with a warm damp cloth, didn't notice any difference, Detox? nope immediately makes your skin brighter? no? you are supposed to see immediate results ? Nope. As for the exfoliating Gel wash, well the only positive thing I can say about it is that it left my skin smooth, the red Algae worked well for my skin, the scent was a bit strong for me, its good for exfoliating, but it didn´t reduce pores äs the product reviews claim¨, so apply a small amount a little goes a long way,  leave it on for a few minutes then wash it off, it takes a while to remove if it gets dry, so use a damp cloth,  It irritated my skin and some of the spots on my face became slightly red which was odd. I don´t recommend using this if you suffer from acne either. A shame really as the packaging looked promising and the sizes are great for the price, especially for traveling. Both easy to apply, (using a foundation brush), Charcoal mask has an earthy fragrance, takes 10-15 minutes to dry. didn't do much but irritate skin. Red Algae exfoliate, made a mess everywhere, did nothing to the pores, caused irritation and redness, fragrance was quite too strong, no difference, wouldn't bother with the Purify & mattify Pure clay mask either. Meant to have instant results which did not, even after using them for over a few weeks, I used the Red clay algae exfoliate twice a week, it removes the dead skin, thats pretty much it, no brightening effects, as an exfoliant should do, nor does it do much on the ¨deep cleaning ¨.  
Would I go out and purchase these two products again? No, my skin is sensitive , not sure why the reviews are great, I honestly wanted these to work for me, especially when I get break outs, I wanted to give a fair and honest review and have been using them for over a month now,  quite disappointed, no difference in my skin, neither have my pores reduced, not worth it. 

¨A little Progress each day adds up to big results ¨

Origins Energy Boosting Moisturizer 
You know when you read reviews online and get excited and go buy the product? thats what happened in this situation, I read so many great reviews about this moisturiser, after acouple of uses I didn´t see what the fuss was about, the texture is ok, smells like orange peel which is nice, but not a fan, I didn´t find this cream to be effective as it says it was, its ok, not great and I would not purchase this again I was quite disappointed. 

Refreshing Eye cream
The eye cream is great I like this product it really helps with the puffiness, I use this after a long trip, I like applying this in the mornings too, its not sticky, and its lightweight. I would buy this again for sure. 

Retexurizing Mask with Rose Clay
Helps you unwind , feels like a spa experience, I like this rose clay, once it dries you wash and exfoliate with the Jojoba beads (you will see them in the clay itself)  I like how my face feels after this, I use it three times a week, it smells like roses,  its great for a deep cleanse and helps with clearing pores. 

Active Charcoal Mask
My second time purchasing this , I love the activated charcoal mask, it really leaves my skin smooth, and clears our pores, I apply a second layer on my nose, The clay doesn´t crack and it doesn´t dry out your face,  my friends bought this too and love it! 

The Ordinary 
So Im always trying new skin products and when I do it´s either a hit or miss, my friend told me about Deciem products and that ¨The ordinary products are now on so I read reviews online and got a few to try, they were a hit, I love everything about these products, and Ive been using them religiously for the past two months. 

Lactic Acid 10% 

I use this at night an hour before bed, it works as a peeling  formula, if you have sensitive skin I suggest you start with the 5% first. I love this, the next morning you will notice a slight shine to your face and over a couple of days will notice that some of your skin is flaking off, I use this at night just before bed, usually every other night but Ive had breakouts due to travel, so Im using at night for  week.  The texture is sticky so wearing it under make up is not really the best thing you can do. Apply on a clean face and neck, avoid eyes, I noticed it dries my lips once I apply so thats normal if you feel that, kind of tingles after a few minutes (not in an annoying way).  It has a strong smell, thats the only thing I didnt like about this product, but it works so I  will definitely stock up on this ! 

Advanced Retinoid 2%

Retinol is something ive been used to for a while, it helps a lot when youve got inflamed skin and spots and lines (mostly around the nose-mouth area) apply a few drops at night (not to be mixed with other retinoid / products). texture is beige and a bit thick, apply all over your face avoiding the eyes and lips ofcourse! what I like about this product is that it quickly dries up spots or outbreaks, after a few days you notice a difference so its not instant, I would use this in the afternoon /evening . 
would I buy it again, yes but it does the same thing as other retinol creams Ive already had. 

100% Plant Derived  

this one is great for super dry skin, I feel it hydrates my face almost immediatly, its light weight and smooth, made my skin feel fresh, a few drops goes away, I lie applying this just after a hot bath, it gets absorbed in the skin, I love it, especially being out in the sun all day, or traveling and getting off a long flight, the hydrating part is a winner. I would buy this one again!

AHA 30% + BHA 2% 

Saved the best for last, I purchased two of this product and when I tried it I wish I got more, its a peeling solution, its deep red in color, dont let that scare you, it works as a peeling masque so I would not use it if you just had Threading done or laser treatments, apply using your fingers and avoid your eyes, leave it on for 10 minutes not more then rince off with luke warm water, also not more than twice a week, I felt like I rebel and did it three times in a week, nothing happened, but theres probably a reason why twice a week is enough.  I like how my face feels after this, a spa treatment in your own home, It has a slight tingle once it´s on and dries real quick,  avoid direct sunlight , it gives your skin an even and slight radiant appearance, my face feels and looks very relaxed after using this product, and I look forward to using it, its exfoliating agent helps fight blemishes and dark spots , oh and fine lines ! I would recommend you buy two at a time as it gets sold out fast!

The price of The ordinary products are less that GBP 10 each, Bargain!

¨But First, Skincare ! ¨
I love Kiehls so much, nothing about their products I can say I don't like, I bought a few products as I was leaving  Abudhabi Airport, and since then have been ordering more online.

Midnight recovery Concentrate 
My all time favorite, helped my skin improve, I apply this an hour before bed, I noticed quite a difference with fine lines, its paraben free, the smell of lavender is lovely and primrose oil helps alot when Im traveling, my face doesn´t look tired it almost gives my skin a boost at night, I cant recommend this recovery concentrate enough, I need to get the daily reviving concentrate now to use in the mornings,  what I also like is that it has a dropper in the top! Now I know why this is the No 1 Best seller!

Cilantro & Orange Extract
This was a new product I haven´t tried from Kiehls, I feel it really hydrates my skin, I use this mask twice a week, it tingles once its on and I love that it smells like citrus, my face feels so soft after using this mask and its so soothing after being out in the sun, I take this when I travel it gives my skin a boost after a long flight, I would buy this again once its done, I am loving the mask range from Kiehls at the moment.

Calendula Herbal Extract Toner
I got this as a sample, I like that its alcohol free,  a few drops goes a long way, I would buy the whole size bottle, it works well with normal to oily skin, I washed my face the other day and used the toner on my face and neck, it gives you that extra squeaky clean finish, shame I only had a sample so need to add this on my list, including the eye serum which I only had samples of but wished I bought that as well, the eye serum seems very promising!

Super Multi-Corrective Cream
OH M Geeee! So this is a new cream I haven´t tried from Kiehls,  it does exactly what it says, after a few times of using this my face and cheeks feel firm, my facial lines appear smoother, and I look ¨ well rested ¨ when people see me, so I guess thats a good sign, this product is with me when I travel too,  one of my top 5 products to use while on the go!

Now off to get the eye serum !

¨Life isnt perfect but your hair can be¨

Okay so here it is , the post you all have been waiting for, a review on Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins that's taking the world by storm, does it really work? that's what I thought when I first heard about them through a friend in the US, I asked her if they actually help? and she said so far people have been raving about how amazing these are, so I ordered 60 tablets (one box) for 30 days, went on their website and just ordered , (they ship internationally just add a post box) and it will come through the normal mail, anyway, let me not bore you with all the post office drama I had to go through to get these . Anyways if you order 6 bottles then it's cheaper, one bottle cost USD 29 don't buy them off Amazon they cost way more and you pay extra for shipping,  so order here 
I don't dye my hair often , probably once a year if I'm lucky, so my only problem was my hair falling out and getting it to actually grow. My daughter has long thick black hair it's just so beautiful, I used to have that exact same hair when I was her age up till I got married, then it just wasn't keeping up with the weather of moving to a new country, the water and having children took its toll. I cut it short and got it colored really light, dumbest thing I ever did, anyways, I tried Biotin and ordered all sorts of vitamins like hair and nail etc spent a lot of money and it just didn't work for me, maybe I lost interest when they tasted so awful I would gag, so the Sugar Bear craze came out, and I sat on my couch thinking should I buy this and see? or is it another one of these scams to sell products that don't work, I checked all the reviews I can find, from mothers, women even men who have had issues with their hair, and the feedback was great, so I got my 30 day supply (7 days later), and took the supplements for a month.
In a nutshell, you take two Gummy Bears (they taste like fruity gummy bears hence the name), I take one in the morning one at night, not necessarily in that order you can take two together. I measured my hair, (because I really wanted to know if this works or is it all just BS). My hair measured at 32.5 CM to be exact , I wrote it down, and then measured a couple of weeks later and it grew 2.5 CM so I thought wow! ok? weird as my hair takes For-everrrrrrr to grow due to stress , weather, water, shampoo etc ever since I had both my kids my hair has gone super frail and thin, falls out in heaps I can make a wig with the hair that used to fall out, true story. You all must have seen those commercials about shampoo and vitamins and sat there saying "ya right , such BS" I never believed them, I had to do a before and after because like many of you out there I suffered a lot with my hair, I tried everything and paid so much money for vitamins that never worked, so when I took this on I wanted to take a before shot to see how far these vitamins go, well here it is a month later 60 gummy bears done, my hair has grown, I still cant believe it this is just a month so can you imagine how long and thick my hair will be in 3 months? (I will add photos in 3 months then 6 months). I don't want people to go out an buy expensive vitamins that don't work.
I took photos of my hair before and after a month (see below) and it really works, my hair has improved at least 70% than it used to be, still falls out a bit  (a few strands), it's shiney not dull, longer 37.2 cm to be exact and that's a huge difference for me that's a total of 4.7cm in a month! it could work faster for others too I read one review where someone's hair grew 7 cms in two weeks, so it depends, but for me this was life changing, so I bought a years supply (no joke) and take them religiously twice a day, everyday. There are no side affects, very safe to take , sugar bears contain Biotin, vitamins , folic acid, coconut oil, and flavored from real berry and citrus fruit .

I honestly love how my hair feels after Sugar Bear hair, I think this is by far the best hair product and suits everyone, guys too! I wouldn't recommend giving these supplements to kids without consulting a doctor. On another note, my nails grew super fast too and the hair on my arms too (my other body parts have been lasered off sorry too much information), so ya, waxing my arms at home every few weeks so not sure if this is a bad thing for you ladies but I don't care as long as my hair is healthier and longer before the summer holiday then Ill be so happy. I will keep taking these vitamins, I love them and love that they are blue ( my favorite color) and they taste so good! My tip on healthy hair is that you brush regularly, avoid over washing, coconut , Argan oil baths once or twice a week, use heat protection when blow drying helps.  Sugar Bear hair has really been a life changer , I am very happy with the results.So here you have it, tried and tested by me, here are the results, you're welcome!

Hope you love them as much as I do!  Read more on the Frequently Asked Questions here Stay tuned to see the updates for month two, three and four.

* above is based on my own experience, the above is not an endorsement, sugar bear supplements were purchased by me.

¨Im in love with the Coco¨
I love coconut oil, I dont use any creams on my face or body. Nothing hydrates your skin like Coconut oil, trust me I´ve tried everything, if you have combination skin like me then you will know that this can get annoying during the summer, well, coconut oil is not something new, people have been using coconut oil for years. Now that the coconut oil phase is back in full force, we see and hear about it more now from celebrities and some dont believe the hype, well you don't have to, because its not just a hype, women are going back to basics with natural home remedies even including these in their lifestyle, like the use of coconut oil in  drinks and food and not using animal products etc, we can all thank the vegans for this!
whether its almond oil, cashew butter etc which are great for meal preps, coconut oil has more than one use, eat. drink. slather on body. Lots more too!

I use coconut oil for my face, body and hair, I also add it to my smoothies and meal preps. After I wash my face I massage my face with coconut oil just before bed and before my make up when I go out, yes. my face absorbs it really fast so does my body, you don't need to add a huge amount to your face otherwise it'll be very oily (not fun when your mascara is running at work) . My face and body feel smoother, hydrated and more radiant. It´s great for scars and stretch marks too. Coconut oil is natural, there is no animal testing involved. Your skin is healthy, glowing and smooth when you use natural products, so why use chemicals?

Vita Coco just introduced their own coconut oil in a jar and you can get it at any of the Sinneys shops in the UAE or just order it online, there are lots of other brands  available at any Organic stores, just make sure that you read the label, dont buy the coconut oil with bits in them as they fall off when you apply and gets a tad bit annoying.

I use coconut oil on my kids too, add it to your drinks, cooking or on your body, or even make a paste with a teaspoon of turmeric powder to brush your teeth with natural way to whiten your teeth! you'll see the difference. Try it for a couple of months, in the morning and evening, just wash your face, dry, then add a small pea size amount in your palms, massage thoroughly on to your face, neck and around your eyes. I love coconut oil and have been doing this for a while now, I am so pleased with how my skin feels and looks. 

Go natural. Try it. You will love it. I do!

¨Live, Laugh, Wear Sunscreen¨

Finally, an all natural mother and baby product in the UAE all the way from down under -Australia. all great reviews about four cow farm products, so I put some to the test. The daily rich cream is my favorite, the smell is just incredible, you get full moisture on your hands and face, contains rose hip, camellia and olive oil, absorbs well into your skin, its smooth texture and fragrance is very soothing. I need to buy the bigger bottle and some for travel, safe for my kids too.

The intensive restorative oil is fortified vitamin E, olive oil and rose hip, I would used this around my eyes  just before bed, it's quite soothing, gets rid of puffiness , essential to take when traveling, reduces swelling as well as dryness, basically anything with vitamin E and olive oil relieves stress and smooths out your skin. This product also works on children with eczema which my daughter suffers from frequently due to change in weather.

The hair and body wash is great for my kids, I poured some in their bath and used a ramer sponge to lather up as it doesn't contain foaming agents, I thought this product is great for my kids, it´s gentle on their skin and scalp and smells amazing. Defiantly a product worth having for your kids. all four cow farm products do not contain parabens, detergents nor chemicals, what I love about them is that they are environmentally friendly and their bottles are biodegradable, so whats not to love about this product.

The Calendula Remedy (not shown here) is another must have product from four farms, it contains jojoba oil, calendula oil, vitamin E and natural beeswax. absolutely love the calendula remedy, great for bites and hives, and cuts too. This will be a product you find in my travel bag. 

Im a fan of organic chemical free products and very pleased to know that  you can now buy  wider range of organic products available from abroad right here in the UAE.

Verdict:Fab products, cant wait to more from four farms, organic , environmentally friendly,  and perfect for the whole family. 

 *The above is based on my own opinion, this is not an endorsed blog post. 

¨That Glow Tho¨

I'm a fan of organic food and produce, when I go to local farmers markets I try to find products that are natural  for me and my children, chemical free products especially made from nature, like coconut oil, Argan etc, in a previous post of mine one of the products I use on my face and body in particular is coconut oil which I buy locally now as its become one of the fastest growing business in the region. Another oil I used to buy abroad was Shea butter, I would get it shipped from the UK or ask my friends to bring some back when they visit, now a days Shea butter is found everywhere here but you don't find the organic real butter easily. I found Shea butter at one of the ripe markets in Dubai, pure organic Shea made in Africa and packed here in the UAE.
So the first time I smelled Shea I thought it would smell sweet and it would be smooth and creamy once applied, I was wrong, pure Shea is strong in smell almost nutty in fragrance but not sweet as I thought, the consistency is thick yet once applied it made my skin feel soft. ( although its very pasty once applied). We all know the benefits of Shea, I've obviously didn't know the extent of the benefits till I read more, Shea is a natural moisturizer, reduces stretch marks (lord knows how many of us women have tried to get rid of these after pregnancy) I myself have tried everything to get rid of mine, they took a while to fade after using Shea I had brought from the UK. So I put this new organic Shea Butter to the test. I usually have a ritual in the evening just before bed, I was my face and exfoliate with a scrub I make at home, then rinse and apply coconut oil all over my face and neck. so for a week I did the same but this time I applied the Shea butter, the consistency wasn't as oily as the coconut oil, it was more like a thick moisturizer, I applied it on my face (eyelids included) and around the eyes (few wrinkles, because who am I kidding) and on my lips and neck. I let it absorb for an hour before I actually went into bed,, the consistency is very sticky and thick, it can be annoying for some, let it absorb in to your face before you go to bed, otherwise you end up with nothing on your face and most of it on the pillow. Then there would be no point.

A week into this routine, my face was softer, but I bet that if I hadn't been doing this for a week it would take more than a month to see the difference, my wrinkles are still there not much of a change really but that's because it takes a while to work, nothing happens overnight you can count on that, you just need to be consistent.

What I did notice however is a spot I've had for years on my cheek, it´s just a red spot doesn't move I had it checked out and it´s just been there, it has shrunk over a few months ago by using only natural oils like Argan and coconut oil, but has faded slowly since I used Shea, I´m sure you hear this all the time, but honestly, it faded and I noticed it over a weeks of using the Shea butter.

I also used Shea on a scar I have on my left leg which I got from removing a mole a few months back, the scar remained but became darker when I exposed it to sunlight, not that it bothered me at all, I didn't mind it, but thought let try and see if it makes any difference, I kept applying Shea on it three times a day, I filled a small lip balm container I had with Shea and kept applying at work, sitting in my cubicle rubbing Shea on my shin then getting back to work basically all week. the center of my scar became lighter than usual so I was a bit surprised. It didn't completely fade so I'm going to continue doing this till it fades more. 

So, do I believe in Shea butter, yes I do , do I believe it works overnight? no I don't, I would be lying if I said yes, nothing works overnight, what I believe is that natural products work better for us than chemicals, and I believe if you keep a routine for your skin and care about what you put on your skin then yes you will see amazing results. Look up benefits of Shea and how it´s been used for many years. see what works for your skin, and keep using it until you find what natural oil suits you. I love Shea , Argan and coconut oil, each one has its own purpose. Shea for total moisture and fading scars, Argan is great for your hair , coconut is easily absorbed and works well for body and face. Would I buy Shea butter again? The answer is yes , would I use this on my children, absolutely.

Verdict: Great product for scars, keep using it on a daily basis to see results. I wouldn't recommend using it when you go out, the consistency is thick and sticky, also takes a while to get absorbed into your skin. Use at night and apply directly to your scars or blemishes. Shea butter is natural and I recommend it for all skin types.